Yno Tasting Beta Program.

Yno Tasting as a Winery Event

The Yno concept evolved from the most asked question I received during my time in hospitality, “How do I find wines I like?” It made me think about my own wine journey and how important blind tasting wine in a comparative setting has helped me discover my own palate as well as enjoyment of wine. However, blind tastings should have rules and structure if there is going to be any benefit–a perfect challenge for an old wine guy with a programming problem.

Yno Tasting is intended to be as much a consumer app as an industry event. The idea is for wine enthusiasts to set up Yno Tasting accounts in order to participate in public events hosted by wineries, wine bars, or even virtually by wine experts. With that experience they should be encouraged to host their own private events. Yno Tasters and Hosts will have an ongoing record of their tastings, ratings, and comments. Meanwhile the accumulation of all Yno Tasting events will provide valuable comparative data to the industry as a whole. It’s a win-win for both industry and consumer.

Yno Tasting Beta Program

It all has to start some where. That is why I am introducing a beta program to help kickstart winery events. I believe once winery customers recognize how much fun blind tastings are, they will host their own tastings, wineries will get increased loyalty, cats and dogs living together, the possibilities are endless.

How to Host a Public Yno Tasting Event

Public events are conducted as follows:

  1. Set up a Yno Tasting Host account on https://ynotasting.com. It is preferable to use the wine maker or owner’s name on the account to bring credibility to the event regardless of who actually hosts it.
  2. Set up a Yno Tasting Event. Name the event appropriately with your establishment name as well as other pertinent info like new releases, library, vertical, etc… It is up to the host whether to reveal the wines being tasted, or keep it a surprise until tasting time. Keep in mind this is not intended to be a competition as much it is a discovery. For responsible hospitality reasons it is recommended to keep your list to just 6 wines.
  3. Yno Tasting Invitations. It is recommended to use your normal event system to invite your guests, accept payment, etc… After a guest confirms attendance, use the Yno Tasting invite system to send them a confirmation and link to signing up as Yno Tasting Guest for your event. Yno Tasting Guest confirmations will be sent to the host’s email account. Non-confirmed guests can still sign up on arrival.
  4. Tasting Day!
    • IMPORTANT! Your guests will need to bring their cell phones and your facility will need reliable cell or wifi coverage in order to conduct the event. See beta hosting information below about using Amazon Alexa devices.
    • Until all wines are revealed, they are referred to by number. Use numbered bottles/carafes of the same shape and size. Best practice is to provide one glass per bottle with matching number for each guest. This will speed things along and require less pouring staff than using one glass per Guest.
    • Expect the event to last about 1.5 hours for 6 wines. This should allow enough time for wine introductions and tasting instructions. It is recommended to set a “close” date/time for your event which will trigger a hard stop and block any further entry. At this point the host can reveal the wines via the app and the event is over.
  5. Post event data. All tasting data will remain available for review for each event under the Host’s account as well as to their Guests.

Beta Host.

Yno Tasting is currently in beta. During this period I strongly recommend using me as your host for at least your first tasting. This is to make sure everything goes smoothly and for me to observe what works and what needs improvement. I have over 3 years of experience in hospitality at Chateau St. Jean and Dry Creek Vineyard where I’ve conducted many hospitality events such as tours, tastings and blendings. I come with CSW and WSET III wine education certificates and references. In addition, I will bring Alexa devices which offer another fun dimension to your event. For the beta period I am charging a modest $50 fee to manage and host your event. Please keep in mind that I do have a day job at WineGlass Marketing (which by-the-way is available to help promote your event) that limits my availability to nights and weekends. Should your event be a success–which I’m certain it will–you are welcome to host future events with your own staff. Currently, there is no cost to use the platform, however that is subject to change in the future.

Interested parties can reach me at:

Bill Langley
(o) 707-237-6904
(m) 408-314-4304