Yno Wine Trivia

Yno Wine Trivia

What “non-existent” wine did Ellen Barkin offer Matt Damon in Oceans 13? Where does Gruner Veltliner come from? These questions and more are answered by Yno Wine Trivia. A fun Alexa skill to play with friends or study for WSET, Sommelier, or CSW tests.

Curiosity and Study

“How do I learn more about wine?” As a wine educator I’ve encountered this question more times than I can remember. The problem is wine is a daunting subject. I often refer to it as the world‘s 2nd oldest profession. It‘s history, viticulture, and production go back centuries. So, where does one start to get a taste of what it‘s like to learn about wine?

From my own journey with wine I’ve found that large part of it’s enjoyment starts with education


Voice-enabled digital assistants are fast becoming the next consumer must-have. Amazon’s Alexa is an industry leader. The simple act of asking a question without reaching for a mobile device or tapping a keyboard breaks down barriers for software developers. In addition, Alexa’s built-in trivia skill makes it even easier. I could not build an app like Yno Wine Trivia as fun and compelling without Alexa. Nor could I build it as fast.