Bloc Jams

Bloc Jams

As part of the AngularJS curriculum I had to build a javascript music player. For extra credit I decided to try and explore integrating Spotify’s API.

Wouldn’t it be cool…

After completing this project ahead of schedule, I thought I would try and experiment with integrating my Spotify account to see if I could make a customer music player. After all, building a streaming music player was nothing new to me. For 3 years I worked as a contract Flash developer for MOG inc. (now Beats/Apple) to help build their first streaming music player. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could use that experience to build my own Spotify experience?

After years of developing Flash media streaming apps, I was excited to develop a skin for Spotify…but I was disappointed

Hopes Dashed

As it turns out, Spotify’s API is very restrictive. You can build interfaces for meta-data like playlists and albums, but you can’t change the actual javascript player. This restricted my design aspirations. However, I did build a functional demo that impressed my mentor ;-)


  • AngularJS
  • Spotify API

Developer Notes

As this was a student project, I only finished what was necessary to complete the assignment. Had I been more impressed with Spotify’s, I might have continued to build my “ultimate music player.”